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Far Pavillions Tickets

Shaftesbury TheatreLondon

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A British Officer...

An Indian Princess...

Daring to Dream

From the glittering Palace of Winds, to the deserts of Rajasthan....

From the snow-capped peaks of the Himalayas, to an outpost of the British Raj....

Gale Edwards directs M. M. Kaye's awe-inspiring tale of lost identity, divided loyalty and forbidden love and takes you on the ultimate theatrical journey ... into the human heart.

A musical adaptation of M. M. Kaye's celebrated romance.

The Far Pavilions A British Officer. An Indian Princess.
Can love defy an empire?

Unaware of his British origins, Ashok, a serving boy living and working in the Palace of Winds, befriends Princess Anjuli, the Maharajah's daughter. The recent loss of her mother and the treachery and intrigue of her father's court leads to a pact of eternal friendship, sealed by breaking a medallion in two. Ashok will wear one half and Anjuli the other always.

Meeting in secret, they dream of a simple life beyond the farthest mountain, where the divisions between them no longer exist.

The Far Pavilions charts the journey of Ashok as he is separated from Anjuli, educated in England, and then returns to India to serve the British Raj as Lieutenant Ashton Pelham Martyn. Ash's attempt at a new life with the Governor's daughter, Belinda, ends in public humiliation as a love rival, Captain Harkness, reveals details of Ash's upbringing at a society ball. Ash is tarnished with the reputation of a misfit. His very loyalty comes into question as he is recalled from active duty and sent to Rajasthan as an escort to a Princess, promised in marriage to a neighbouring King.

Twelve years of absence melt away as Ash returns his half of the keepsake to Anjuli. They realise that childhood friendship has blossomed into love. Protocol and custom remain seemingly insurmountable obstacles but a sandstorm gives them the chance of escape. One stolen night in a desert cave, sets off a chain of events that neither Ashok nor Anjuli could have imagined in their wildest dreams.

Valid until: 26 Nov 05
Group size: 10+
Standard Group rate Mon to Fri Eve and Sat Matinee: Best available reduced to £25
Standard Group rate Saturday Evening: Best available reduced to £30
School Group rate Tues to Thurs Eve: Best available reduced to £18.50
Full ticket prices: £52.50, £42.50, £32.50, £21.50